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What Others Are Saying

Learn about LCS from our parents, students and staff


Katie Poole

LCS Parent
We live in the section of Johnstown that is zoned for Loveland schools, and we choose to drive across Loveland each day during the school year to take our kids to LCS. The commitment of the school to excellence--not just asking it of the students but demanding it of themselves--is what draws us to LCS. The teachers and staff are invested in what they do and the students they teach, ensuring that my child is provided with an environment that encourages learning personal responsibility, community involvement, integrity, respect, and honesty. The academic structure is highly unique and in our experience has deepened our child's learning and engaged him in ways that had not previously been achieved in a more traditional school setup. The fact that LCS is growing is quite exciting, and we look forward to seeing the new opportunities that will come for the students as the school's success grows.

Justice Meinz

LCS Student
"I've been a student at LCS for two years, and I love it. We are given opportunities that not a lot of kids are given in schools. For example, we are offered to join competitions, this year, the ninth and tenth grade got offered to join the history day competition. Next year, the choir will be given the choice to participate in state competition. We encourage people to come, and to learn. We act as a family, we support each other, we care for each other, and we wont let any of our people fall behind. Personally, once I am old enough for children, I would send my children to LCS. I want them to have the best education possible. I want them to grow up with modesty, intelligence, honour, and loyalty. LCS as a whole has one mission, to be the best school that there is to offer to parents and kids everywhere. So far, we're doing a great job. I will admit, we aren't a perfect school, but we are better then some of the other schools; because we care, and we support."

Craig Olsen

LCS Parent
"Only being founded for two years, they seem to want to adapt but also provide a structured learning environment. I am a parent of two students here and so far (even with a few new by idiosyncrasies) I am pleased with the direction they are going."

Heidi Miller

LCS Parent
"My three children have been students at LCS from the beginning of the school. It was an adjustment, as the culture was different from the other public schools they had attended. The pain of adjustment was well worth it! My kids started coming home with new enthusiasm for what they were learning in history and other subjects. The teachers at LCS care about what they teach and have a firm grasp on their areas of expertise. The school is a community as well, with parents in the classrooms each day volunteering, and I have made dear friends there. I became employed at LCS as a part-time substitute teacher October 2011, and am now full-time, and can say with all honesty that the more I have gotten to know the teachers, leadership, and staff at the school, the more I have realized how genuine and caring everyone is. I am incredibly thankful that my children attend LCS and highly recommend this school."

Heidi Peachey

LCS Student
"I am currently a junior at LCS. I am so grateful that my parents pushed me to go here in my freshman year. Being a student at LCS has taught me so many lessons that I am going to use throughout my life! I am being taught to stand by what I believe and to defend it even when most of my peers may be opposition to it. We are encouraged to not be afraid to make mistakes, because we learn from mistakes that are made. LCS has also helped me to appreciate and enjoy learning. The teachers of LCS provide us with inspiring examples to follow not only for their love of learning, but also of the other traits that were mentioned above. They work so hard for us and care very deeply about each student. They greatly desire to see each of us to succeed in life and do their best to encourage and help us along. LCS is wonderful school that provides the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas. I greatly encourage you to research this school more and to see if it will suit your needs and wants."

Marissa Menking

LCS Student
"I have attended Loveland Classical Schools since its opening three years ago. As a junior, my high school experience at LCS has been nothing short of outstanding. The passion of the staff is truly incredible. Every teacher radiates enthusiasm and excitement for the subject they are teaching. Classes are rarely boring as students are encouraged to participate in engaging class discussions. Reason and logic are constantly used, keeping the student engrossed in intellectual classroom conversations. In past schools, I had been taught to simply memorize and regurgitate facts, however, LCS teaches the importance of thinking for one's self. My classes have not all been easy, for as a school we seek to achieve “the highest scholarly standard,” but there has been nothing that I was not able to achieve through hard work and dedication. Though the class work may be difficult you are by no means left on your own to figure it out. The teachers are always willing to help and I have had teachers give up their lunch periods and stay late after school to provide the additional help I needed. I could continue to list more and more things that make Loveland Classical a truly outstanding school. My parents have made it clear that I may attend the high school of my choice and every year I have chosen LCS. Loveland Classical is truly both a parent and student choice school."

Jaime Rotner

LCS Parent
"My son is attending half-day kindergarten at Loveland Classical Schools. I was very nervous going outside the public school system at first. But that feeling did not last long! Loveland Classical Schools is absolutely amazing! They have taken all the things we have lost in our current education system and implemented them in a seamless way. All the teachers work to truly challenge and encourage children to do their best (maybe even beyond what the students' realize they can do) in a way that encourages their educational self-efficacy. This is something that truly stands out about LCS. They are always looking for ways to promote critical thinking in every subject and emphasize the importance of hard work. The school creates a wonderful sense of community and promotes personal responsibility and integrity. The teachers there are so dedicated to the mission and philosophy of the school and work tirelessly for the children. I can personally say that my son's teachers truly care for him and are always looking out for his best interest as well as all of the students they are responsible for. Loveland Classical Schools is not only going to set my children up to be ahead of the curve educationally but personally. They are helping to create all around good, intelligent and contributing citizens. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LCS!"

Jon Haugen

LCS Parent
"Wonderful classical charter school. Very nice classical approach."

Chris and Summer Woodward

LCS Parents
"As a parent of two kids at this school, I'm very happy. While this school doesn't have everything, it provides an education that is exceptional with what they do have (most important part of going to school). This school truly challenges my kids in a way that allows them to thrive and grow in a safe environment. We've been here for almost 2 years now and the school keeps getting better and better. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and help improve and become involved. The staff here are wonderful and communicate with us both about good and not so good things (verbally and electronically) that they see develop in our children. We hope to see the school continue to grow and expand and to set the mark in Loveland and surrounding areas for quality education. If you are interested, I'd recommend checking out one of their informational sessions posted on the website."

Tony Hunsinger

LCS Parent
"They go the extra mile with This is a great school."

Russ Thye

LCS Parent
"Loveland Classical Schools has served our family well. We have four children in classes here ranging from 1st grade to 9th grade. We especially appreciate the emphasis on character development and we have found the dress code very manageable and non-problematic for our children. The administration has been highly responsive to the needs of staff and students in a variety of ways. I have seen firsthand how principal Ian Stout has initiated new programs and adjusted others to meet the changing needs of staff and students. I serve on the Student Accountability Committee (SAC) for LCS and have been impressed by Mr. Stout's care and respect for those with whom he works including special needs students. LCS is fully compliant with district and state requirements for students with special needs. Overall, we can recommend LCS to other families with full confidence."

Gerry and Allyson Hernblom

LCS Parents
"Our son is completing his first year at the Loveland Classical Schools high school campus. It has been a WONDERFUL year for him. There is an atmosphere of respect and acceptance at LCS that is refreshing. The teachers are passionate about teaching while engaging and encouraging each student to reach their best potential. The administrative and teaching staff have been so supportive and encouraging. The student body has been very welcoming and inclusive. We’ve appreciated the built in study halls and after school academic support. Not only is there an emphasis on high academic standards, but developing the whole child and moral character development is a major focus as well. The twelve core virtues are taught, demonstrated and incorporated into the curriculum of academic excellence. We are grateful for LCS, the dedicated staff and the opportunity for our son to be a part of this student community."

Melissa Havran

LCS Parent
"I couldn't be happier with our experience at Loveland Classical School. This past year I had three children enrolled; K, 1st, and 2nd. I had previously home schooled my children and could have placed them in any school, and we toured multiple. At LCS the staff is warm and welcoming. The school does something special in that it not only holds students to high academic standards, but to high moral character as well. Most importantly, my children loved the school. In fact, they are sad that summer vacation is here because they will miss seeing their teachers. I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone."

Gina Book

LCS Parent
"Our family loves this school. Our oldest daughter started Kindergarten this year and it has by far exceeded our expectations. Our Kinder loves going to school and is excited to learn. I am always pleasantly surprised by the way she is learning in leaps and bounds- had no idea how successful she would be just at a Kindergarten level. I can't imagine her going anywhere else and we look forward to when our 2 year old can join her there!"

Wendy Larson

LCS Parent
"This is an educational experience that our children couldn't get anywhere else. It has changed our lives for the better, and we wouldn't trade our school for the world."

Mike Bryant

LCS Parent
“We couldn’t be happier about our decision to enroll our kids at LCS. The teachers and coordinators are terrific, specialized, accessible and eager to visit with parents. I would encourage anyone considering LCS to attend an informational meeting and truly see the difference!”

Shawn Hanson

LCS Parent
“The teachers at LCS have really inspired my children to WANT to learn and strive for excellence. Even at their young age they recognize they are getting a better quality education at LCS than they did at their old school.”

Carrie Christiansen

LCS Parent
“After three years as an LCS parent, I am continually impressed with the expertise, skill and care taken by my children's teachers. The classical curriculum is fantastic, and I love how the different classes coordinate to reinforce a study subject. Both of my kids are engaged in class and come home excited to share what they learn.”

Rebecca Valencia

LCS Parent
“LCS is like a breath of fresh air for us... for many reasons! My daughter was at [another classical core knowledge charter school], but LCS is lighter, freer, and friendlier with all the hard-core academics in place. The teachers are amazing! My daughter always says, "I love all my teachers!" This is good when a high school freshman is happy with all her teachers.”

Matthew Anderson

LCS Parent
“Our kids are so happy here. We moved to Loveland from a highly rated school district in Michigan last year. Loveland Classical is educating our children on a whole different level.”

Megan Davis

LCS Parent
“This is my son's first year at LCS. We chose LCS due to the classical knowledge curriculum and emphasis on virtues. We've noticed a huge difference when comparing the school to his previous school. He is excited about his assignments, has not experienced bullying from other students, and looks forward to his day! The staff members are warm and inviting and communicate exceptionally well with the parents. Parents are welcome to observe classes and participate in activities. My husband and I both volunteer at LCS and we feel very appreciated.”

Discover the LCS Difference

We define a classical education by great works, great teaching and great people and are widely known for our unique approach to teaching elementary students. Commonly referred to as departmentalization, elementary students directly benefit from mathematicians teaching mathematics, scientists teaching science, historians teaching history, and so on rather than one instructor per classroom teaching all core subjects. This method constantly brings new passion, expertise and energy to each class.

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Loveland Classical Schools assists parents in developing young minds with virtuous character, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning to become exceptional community stewards.

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