K - 8 Dress Code


9 - 12 Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

The Loveland Classical Schools dress code policy serves to uphold the vision and mission of the school, minimize distraction, and encourage learning by cultivating an atmosphere of discipline, equality, and respect. Our students come from diverse backgrounds. In order to create an environment that is welcoming to all, we lay down some of our personal liberties every time we enter the school doors. Clothing, hygiene and appearance should enhance, or at the very least not deter, learning. Just as in the working world there is a uniform for every job, students need to have a uniform suitable for the job of learning. Students must come to school prepared and in uniform. Adults need to be positive role models by always dressing professionally and modestly.


Students, faculty, volunteers and staff are expected to have a conservative appearance—projecting a wholesome and traditional image at all times. Parents, faculty, and staff are expected to enforce the dress code throughout the school year, and it will be adhered to unless an exception is approved by the Executive Director of Education. By signing the dress code agreement students, parents, and faculty commit to the standards outlined in this policy.

Students may wear the items similar to those listed in the dress code catalog or on the list below. Anything not listed may not be worn. All clothing must fit properly and modestly, and adhere to the wholesome, conservative image stated in the dress code purpose. Cross-dressing is not permitted.


The Dress Code Catalog offers examples of appropriate uniform clothing from an online retailer. Parents may substitute clothing from other retailers that CLOSELY match these. Be aware that if you substitute from another retailer, you take the risk of your student not meeting uniform requirements if it does not closely match. Please note that the items listed in the catalog do not have a logo, and that will be expected if you choose to purchase from a retailer not listed in the catalog.

Non-Catalog Items


Underclothing (i.e. under wear, boxers, panties, bras, etc.) should always be worn and never be seen.


Students are permitted to wear socks and tights of their choosing as long as the socks or tights do not offend or have any unwholesome messaging. Bold and bright colors and patterns are acceptable. Socks and tights must be suitable for the students’ activities during the school day. Leggings may be worn under skirts, dresses, and jumpers that meet the proper length requirements. They may not be worn solely in place of uniform pants.


Please refer to the Dress Code Catalog for styles and colors. Shirts must be long enough to tuck, but do not have to be tucked. Girls are permitted and encouraged to wear camisoles for modesty’s sake.


Hems may not drag on the ground or be frayed.


Please see examples in the Dress Code Catalog. Shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, and dresses must be to the top of the kneecap or longer. Shorts must be worn under all skirts, jumpers, and dresses.


Students must wear shoes that are suitable for their activities of the day. Sneakers and other closed-toe shoes are acceptable. Young women may wear 1” heel shoes (closed-toe only). Laced shoes should have one lace per shoe and laces must be tied. Hook and loop (a.k.a. Velcro), toggle, and slip-on are acceptable. No shoes with lights or wheels. When inclement weather dictates, snow boots or other outdoor winter shoes must be removed before entering the classroom and replaced with appropriate shoes.


Grooming and personal care should be taught by the parent in the younger years and expected of older children. Smelly, unkempt children are a distraction to other children and staff. The discipline of good grooming habits is part of being an LCS student. The child should be clean, well groomed, in neat clothes, and physically pleasant to be around. Students must refrain from wearing over-powering perfumes or scents.


Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Young women may wear a single, stud earring in each ear. Earrings are inappropriate for boys while at school. Young women and men may wear one necklace at a time. A watch or bracelet, including a medical bracelet, is allowed to be worn, one on each arm, by both girls and boys. Jewelry that interferes with learning will be removed and held by the instructor until the end of the day.


Students should wear either no makeup or a minimal amount of natural-looking makeup that does not create a distraction for others. They must refrain from makeup that darkens the child’s countenance or draws attention away from their bright eyes. Nail colors should be natural and not distracting.


Tattoos and non-ear piercings should never be seen at school, so they are not a distraction for others. Henna, markers, and other delible symbols are considered tattoos.


Students’ hairstyles and lengths should reflect the wholesome, traditional, and practical expectations listed in the dress code. Only natural hair colors are acceptable. Hair must be clean and not draw attention to it. Girls’ hair accessories must not distract from learning, but may reflect personal style. Boys will refrain from decorating their hair. Hats are not allowed during school hours.


Sweaters likes those that are included in the Dress Code Catalog are permitted during school hours. Other sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece jackets, or pullovers must be removed once inside the classroom.

Coats and jackets which are intended for outwear should be removed upon entering the classroom. Outer wear that could be identified with unwholesome groups should be avoided. Hats and sunglasses should be taken off inside the building.

Physical Education and Gym

Students are to be prepared for the day’s activities, including P.E. and Gym. Please see the Dress Code Catalog for examples of approved gym clothing. Students should either wear or bring non-marking sneakers appropriate for running and other P.E. activities on days they have PE class. PE shorts must be a minimum to mid-thigh or longer.


Students are expected to bring a suitable backpack to school each day. Back-packs may not have wheels, and must not have offensive messaging.