LCS Foundation

The Loveland Classical Schools Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization staffed entirely by parent volunteers like you, was created by the LCS Board of Directors as a subcommittee to assist and facilitate Loveland Classical Schools (LCS) financially through coordinating fundraising activities, pursuing and obtaining grants, and searching for and receiving donations that benefit the school. The LCS Foundation's role is much like that of a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at a traditional school.

Much like when maintaining a home, maintaining a school requires a lot of funding. The everyday operational costs of the school are covered through the PPR (per pupil revenue) received from the State, however oftentimes that funding just covers the basics. That's where the LCS Foundation can help by providing funding for the "extras" that our students and staff deserve in its existance only for the charitable and educational purposes of LCS. If you are interested, we are currently in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Fundraising: If you have ideas or passion for turning a profit for a good cause, the LCS Foundation can put your skills to work for our school. Click here for a list of our current fundraisers at LCS which include the Foundation Benefit Auction, the LCS Gear Store, Scrip, box tops, milk caps for cash, and the book fair. To support any of our existing events or to offer new fundraising ideas, please contact the .

Grants: There’s a grant for that! Did you know that the majority of the needs at LCS could potentially be filled through awarded grants? Applying for grants requires organization, attention to detail, research, and a desire for LCS to succeed. In 2011, LCS was awarded the Colorado Department of Education Teir 1 Startup Grant for charter schools. There are numerous other grants out there just waiting for us to apply. If interested in helping on a grants team, contact the .

Donations: The LCS Foundation is in the process of actively seeking donations from foundations, businesses, and individuals. All donations to the LCS Foundation are covered under our 501(c)(3) status and are therefore tax deductible. We are in need of volunteers who can help research potential donors and see if their stated philanthropy goals match with that of LCS then work with the Foundation to take the next steps. If interested in helping with donations, contact the . For overall foundation questions/inquiries please contact the or join us for one of our monthly board meetings which are posted on the LCS calendar.

To view our 501(c)(3) designation letter, click here. To verify whether our 501(c)(3) is in good standing, please use the Exempt Organization Select Check tool on the IRS website. Select "Are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions", then enter our name (Loveland Classical Schools Foundation), city (Loveland) and state (C0). Our organization should show up on the second page.