School Board Member, William Hutchison

William Hutchinson

Board Chair, Marketing Committee
Term: July 2014 – June 2017

William and his wife Samantha have a daughter, 6, and son, 5, both attending LCS. They lived in England for 3 years and traveled Europe before deciding that Colorado was the location for them, and LCS was the school for their children. William has been a Certified Financial Educator for over 5 years teaching personal financial management in schools, corporations, and for individuals. He’s been training and developing people and businesses for over 12 years. He is currently developing Financial Education Centers in Northern Colorado.

William loves to be around people and participate in improving the world around him. He volunteers with Junior Achievement and the Heart J Foundation teaching children boring subjects in a way they appreciate and look forward to more!

William loves new experiences, especially in regards to food. Of all the travels him and his wife have made, food is the most prominent memory from paella in Spain to vegetarian dishes in Israel. He enjoys playing board games and nearly anything involving strategy, as well as Sci-fi and the superhero universe, often depicted by his socks.

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