Loveland Classical Schools

Loveland Classical Schools is a K-12 classical and Core Knowledge tuition-free charter school in Loveland, Colorado. Currently serving over 800 students across northern Colorado, LCS is chartered and accredited through the Thompson School District. The school defines a classical education by great works, great teaching, and great character and is widely known for its unique approach to teaching elementary students. Commonly referred to as departmentalization, elementary students directly benefit from mathematicians teaching mathematics, scientists teaching science, historians teaching history, and so on rather than one instructor per classroom teaching all core subjects. This method constantly brings new passion, expertise, and energy to each class.

Loveland Classical Schools is comprised of three schools:

LCS Elementary School

a K – 5th grade Core Knowledge and classical school

LCS Middle School

a 6 - 8th grade Core Knowledge and classical school

LCS High School

a 9 - 12th grade classical liberal arts high school

Loveland Classical Schools assists parents in developing young minds with virtuous character, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning to become exceptional community stewards.

The LCS Mission

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Open House

The best way to learn about Loveland Classical Schools is to attend one of our open house meetings. Some of our teachers and classroom coordinators present key tenets of LCS and then host a question and answer session. When the presentation is finished, everyone is welcome to tour the school.

School Tours

While our open house is a time to learn about the heart of LCS, the tour is a great follow-up event to see it all in action. You’ll walk through our campus, visiting classrooms and indoor spaces, and meet faculty and students along the way to get a feel for LCS. Potential students are welcomed to attend as well. We offer admission tours by appointment throughout the summer. Please let us know when you are free, and we’ll do our best to schedule it during that time.

Classical Symposiums

Our community Classical Symposiums are divided into two separate workshops: one for parents and one for students. During this time, you'll learn more about the LCS philosophy, curriculum, and culture. Not only do we take a comparative look at classical education, but we discuss the Trivium and how it is implemented in all of our grades.

Student Observations

Visiting the Loveland Classical Schools campus and observing actual classes allows your child to explore the inner-workings of what it is like to be an LCS Lion. Your child will have the opportunity to speak with current students and faculty members and experience the intellectual discussion found at Loveland Classical Schools.

Our Vision

Loveland Classical Schools' vision is to partner with parents to champion the following values:

  • The pursuit of excellence through vigorous diligence. The joy of success is found in hard work through academically challenging material.

  • The habituation of ethical virtues. Moral character is inculcated through our twelve core virtues.

  • The cultivation of social responsibility. Stewardship and service are encouraged as we work to better our community.