1. A referral is submitted to the 504 Coordinator and opens a 504 file.
  2. The 504 Coordinator, in consultation with appropriate school staff, determines whether a 504 evaluation will occur. If it is determined that an evaluation will not occur, the 504 Coordinator records the decision, and reasons for the decision, on the bottom of the Section 504 Referral form and provides parents with a copy of the Referral from and a copy of the Student and Parent Rights under Section 504.
  3. If it is determined that an evaluation will occur, the 504 Coordinator completes and sends the Section 504 Parent Notice of Evaluation and a copy of the Student and Parent Rights under Section 504 to the parent/legal guardian. (Have parent/guardian sign and return this form.)
  4. The 504 Coordinator identifies members of the student’s Section 504 eligibility determination team and consults with parents/staff regarding content of evaluation to be conducted.
  5. Once all necessary data on the student has been collected, the 504 Coordinator sends the Notice of a Section 504 Meeting to the parent/legal guardian to find an acceptable time for all. This meeting should be held within 60 days of receipt of referral.
  6. The 504 team meets to evaluate the student’s impairment and eligibility for services, and it completes the Section 504 Eligibility Determination Report. A copy of the finalized form is provided to parent/legal guardian. An additional copy of the Student and Parent Rights under Section 504 should be provided at parents’ request.
  7. The 504 Coordinator accepts responsibility to ensure all the student’s teachers and other appropriate staff members implement the services/accommodations.
  8. If the student is determined eligible, the 504 Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the student’s 504 plan is reviewed annually or whenever information is received that indicates a need for review. For review meetings, the 504 team will reconvene and complete the Section 504 Review Report. Eligibility for Section 504 plans will need to be re-determined at least every three years.

Parents with questions about the supports in place for their student’s success at Loveland Classical Schools may email the teacher of the course in which a student is struggling and the site School Counselor, Mrs. Bryson for the K-5 program and Upper School Counselor, Mrs. Katers for the 6-12 program.