General Purpose

The Board Development Committee (BDC) is commissioned by and responsible to the Loveland Classical Schools (LCS) Board of Directors. It has the responsibility for Board of Director’s (BOD) recruitment, nominations, orientation, training and evaluation in accordance with the LCS by-laws as well as established policies and practices approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, this committee manages the Executive Director’s position responsibilities and performance objectives.

Appointments and Composition

The committee shall be composed of two board members.

Reporting Structure

The BDC should meet monthly and submit monthly written reports to the board


Regarding Policy and Procedures:

  1. Review LCS and R2J School District board policies for existing or conflicting policies before any new policy is recommended.
  2. Review R2J District board policies for LCS Board of Directors policy waivers.
  3. Submit proposed policy to BOD to clarify meaning and intent.
  4. BOD President submits proposed policy for BOD consideration; sends to legal counsel for review; and resubmits to BOD for voting. Once policy, BOD President sends to LCS webmaster, uploads to VBB, sends to District per contract and notifies LCS Administration to notify staff.
  5. Recommend training opportunities and conferences for Board Development.
  6. Create and monitor recruitment and nomination of new BOD members.

Regarding Executive Director (ED):

  1. Manage and oversee the ED position in conjunction with the BOD.
  2. Work with ED to establish annual performance goals and pay matrix.
  3. Review performance goals quarterly with ED for status, obstacles, and progress.
  4. Perform end-of-year performance review per ED performance process.