General Purpose

The Foundation Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Loveland Classical Schools (LCS) Board of Directors.  It has the responsibility of working with a board liaison to assist and facilitate Loveland Classical Schools financially through coordinating fundraising activities, and searching for and receiving donations.

Appointments and Composition

The committee shall be composed of one board member and the LCS Foundation members.  The LCS Foundation shall establish its own board in accordance with its bylaws and shall work with a board liaison to obtain the advice and consent of the board.

Reporting Structure

The Fundraising Committee should meet monthly and submit monthly written reports to the board via the board liaison.


  • Research and setup fundraising opportunities that support the school.
  • Solicit and receive donations from foundations, businesses, and individuals.  All donations are covered under the Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status and are therefore tax deductible.
  • Work with the board liaison to determine the needs of the school and how to spend raised funds.