Our Staff

Support Staff
Instructional Staff

Ian Stout, Executive Director
Pete Boylan, Lyceum Principal
Kathy Miller, Academy Principal
David Rotner, Dean of Academics

Classroom Coordinators

Michelle Hooley, Kindergarten (full-time class)
Stephanie Cardosi, Kindergarten (full-time class)
Lisa Newland, Kindergarten (part-time class)
Rachel Fasolini, Kindergarten Assistant
Cara Worley, First Grade
Heidi Peachey, First Grade
Jill Rarick, First Grade
Lindsey Burgess, Second Grade
Jenna Waters, Second Grade
Karla Pape, Second Grade
Erica Van Zandt, Third Grade
Andy Perez, Third Grade
Tina Skees, Third Grade
Liz Ansell, Fourth Grade
Mandi Archer, Fourth Grade
Dianna Klawon, Fourth Grade
Bernice Archer, Fifth Grade
Meghan Fussman, Fifth Grade
Katie Poole, Fifth Grade
Terri Maynard, Fifth Grade

Administrative Support

Rick Boos, Business Manager
Amy del Angel, Accounting/Payroll Coordinator/Human Resources
Kaylee Bank, K-12 Registrar
Renee Blumenshine, Lyceum SHOA
Robin Cordova, Purchasing/Bookkeeper
Lynette Soles, Lyceum Front Desk
Jacqueline Saville, Part-time Lyceum Front Desk
Heather Hunnicutt, Office Assistant
Cathleen Milne, Administrative Assistant
Jed Link, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Erin Witty, Volunteer Coordinator
Brian Widhalm, IT
Dawn Vozar, Director of Facilities Management
Kelly Coseo, Day Lyceum Lead Custodian
Joe Espinosa, Academy Day Custodian
Robert Cisneroz, Academy Night Lead Custodian
David Lewis, Lyceum Night Custodian
Preston Milne, Academy and Lyceum Night Custodian
Chris Wilson, Custodian

Cristina Calvo-Trejos, Spanish
Rachel Cunning, Latin
Lee Dixon, Latin
Marques Kem, Latin
Florian Hild, German
Kylie Koger, Latin
Tim Smith, Latin
Student Services
Leslie McFarling, Learning Center Teacher
Robert Moore, Gifted and Talented Teacher
Erin Cockrell, Occupational Therapist
Allison Bryson, Lyceum Counselor
Alyssa Hirsch, Academy Resource Teacher
Gloria Katers, Academy Counselor
Carol Casebeer, English Language Development
Physical Education
Cole Cook
Maureen Hobbs
Brandon Coone, Computer Programming
Bruce Finger, Computer Programming
Paige Morgan, Keyboarding and Computers
Mark Schreiber, Computer Programming
Support Staff

Cindy Biddulph, READ Interventionist
Erin Dean, Literacy Interventionist
Patricia Rice, Literacy Paraprofessional
Katie O’Brien, Math Interventionist
Rob McClelland, Student Athletics and Activities Coordinator
Robert Moore, READ Interventionist
Minerva Simmons, Lyceum Paraprofessional
Cheyenne Hargrove, Academy Paraprofessional
Amanda Worrell, Literacy Specialist