Parent Seminars

At LCS, we encourage parents to attend a Parent Training night in order to gain a better understanding of how we use LCS’ phonics-based literacy program for our literacy instruction. Some of the common questions that will be addressed: What does explicit phonics mean? What is a phonogram? Why are there red markings on some English work? How do we teach spelling, reading, and penmanship? Why is your child being asked to learn more than the basic spelling of a word? Would you simply love to come learn more about the English language?

This seminar will provide a general overview to our teaching methods in kindergarten – fifth grade to allow you to better understand how to help your student at home. This is also a great opportunity for you to get your questions about the program answered.

Dates will be added as the school year approaches.

For any questions, please contact Mrs. Grove.
part-day kindergarten: Mrs. Ballenski
first grade: Ms. Parks
third grade: Mrs. Grove
fourth grade: Mrs. Swank
fifth grade: Mrs. Morgan

What Others Have to Say...

"I wanted to thank you all for taking time away from your families last night to help teach me a bit about LCS’ literacy program. For the first three weeks of school, I have felt lost...but now with the cheat sheets and the flash cards, I now feel confident that I can help my son succeed with this. He showed me this morning which phonograms he has learned (first grade). It's amazing how much he already knows. Thank you also for all the help with how you are teaching penmanship; "clocks" now make complete sense. Again thank you so very very much." -Chelsea Heveran