Loveland Classical Schools utilizes the successful Singapore math program. Singapore has consistently performed well in the TIMSS international math assessment. Students in Singapore have ranked number one in 4th and 8th grades in three out of the last four times the exam has been administered. Typical U.S. math textbooks focus on political correctness or tying to engage students by making the mathematics relevant. Counter to this, the Singapore textbooks focus on the mathematics and the beauty of the relationships that exist within the mathematics. Because of this, the Singapore math textbooks are, on average, one-and-a-half to two years ahead of the typical U.S. math textbooks by the 6th grade.

The Singapore textbooks also place an emphasis on problem solving using a method often referred to as bar-model drawing. The theory of bar-model drawing is that students first understand concrete objects. Mathematics demands that students are able to think about many abstract concepts.
After all, how can one think of imaginary numbers? To help bridge the gap between the concrete and the abstract, the Singapore math program implements a pictorial stage that makes the transition to the abstract stage a more fluid process. The depth of this method is beyond the scope of this piece so parents are encouraged to attend a parent seminar to fully experience this truly amazing method.

For more information, refer to the Singapore Math website.