LCS kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to participate in our annual Box Top Wars.


  1. To aid the school in raising money for the Foundation
  2. To come together as a class to work toward a common goal
  3. To enjoy the task of taking partial responsibility for the school's funding

Combat Rules

  • Each grade level will constitute the six respective teams. Collaboration and strategizing among each grade level is encouraged!
  • The Box Top Wars timeline will be announced as the event approaches.
  • Students may distribute Box Tops, labels, and milk caps in the varying receptacles at any time that does not interfere with classroom instruction during the competition timeline. Collection of qualified items will be interpreted and averaged to produce a final point value for each grade level. The highest averaging grade level will be determined the winner and will receive a popcorn party.
  • Products not in compliance with the following guidelines will not be counted toward the team's total.
    Box Tops: each Box Top submission adhering to the following rules will be counted as one positive point.
    Must not expire before April 25, 2018. Box tops expired before May 3, 2017 will be accepted and counted toward one's class total if they are hand-delivered before the product's expiration.
    The expiration date must be clearly visible. If, by chance, part of the Box Top is missing, but the expiration marking is clearly visible, it will most likely be accepted.
    Must be cut along or close to the provided dotted lines of the Box Top Coupon. Torn box tops will not be accepted.
    Any extra Ziploc baggies that you can supply with your submission are greatly appreciated!

    Morning Fresh Lids (Caps4Cash): each Morning Fresh Lid submission adhering to the following rules will be counted as five positive points.
    Only Morning Fresh Lids are accepted – not Royal Crest or any other brand.
    Morning Fresh Lids must contain no milk residue.

    Labels for Education: each Labels for Education submission adhering to the following rules will be counted negatively in direct correlation to its established point(s).
    Must be cut along or close to the provided dotted lines of the coupon. Torn labels will not be accepted.
    All labels must be divided correctly by value.
    Product Receptacles: All receptacles will be provided by the House of Representatives and must remain in an approved position, in clear view at all times.
  • Point Totaling and Determining of a Champion:
    A final grade-level score, totaling all positive and negative points, will be ultimately divided by the total number of students in the grade to determine the grade's student average.
    The grade with the highest student average at the end of the competition will be determined the Box Top Wars winner!
  • Forbiddances: Conspiracy between different grades in order to double-team a common opponent will not be tolerated (Ex: 1st and 2nd grade cannot purposely work together to bring down 3rd grade's points). The only collaborative efforts that will be permitted are those between classes in the same grade.
    Tampering with the positive or negative collection receptacles in one's own class, or in the class of another, is strictly forbidden.
    Any action or expression that is not delivered with sportsmanship surrounding the details of this competition will result in severe consequence. Expressions of friendly competition, of course, are encouraged – as long as sportsmanship is intact!