26 April

Lion’s Roar 04/26/2019

Primus Passus 2019     As this school year comes to an end, LCS has begun welcoming the incoming Kindergarten class of 2019-20 during Primus Passus.     A Time of Transition This annual event helps parents and students with the transition into elementary school. While the parents of these incoming students learned about the intricacies of pick-up, school supplies, and the Kindergarten curriculum upstairs, students participated in activities that they will  experience next year downstairs in their soon to be classrooms. “It is a joy to meet the next year’s incoming students!  Those who have a first child going to school especially appreciate getting to know us” said Cathy Ballenski, a Kindergarten teacher at LCS since it’s inception.

19 April

Loveland Classical soccer produces goals on goals

Lions, Miller enjoying first sanctioned CHSAA season By Eddie Herz Reporter-Herald Sports Writer Deeply burning passion doesn’t always take the obstacles on the road to triumph into account. The limitations associated with climbing from the bottom to the top don’t …

19 April

Lion’s Roar 04/19/19

Creativity with Clay   In a joint-campus project, elementary students are participating in the international Butterfly Project as a lead-up to the MS/HS drama production of The Diary of Anne Frank.       Designing Butterflies Each 2nd/5th grade student will create a ceramic butterfly to contribute to a display of nearly 360 butterflies in our lobby.  Carving and etching took place this week while the glazing and painting will happen next week. K through 1st students are making paper butterflies for the entryway. The Butterfly Project is a call to action through education, the arts and memorial making. It uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate about the dangers of hatred and bigotry and cultivates empathy and social responsibility. Participants paint ceramic butterflies that are displayed as symbols of resilience and hope, with the goal of creating 1.5 million butterflies around the world—one for each child who perished in the Holocaust, and honoring the survivors. The play opens next week (Thurs 5/2, Fri 5/3, and Sat 5/4) at the Lyceum-MPR. Tickets can be purchased at the door or reserved through will-call through at https://store.lovelandclassical.org/.

12 April

Lion’s Roar 04/12/2019

Engineering A Rocket Launch Last week, high school engineering students at the Academy Campus designed paper rockets and launched them from a pressurized air cannon!   3… 2… 1… Blast Off! The student-designed rockets varied in length from about 12 inches to nearly 20. After being shot off the pressurized air cannon, some of the rockets remained hanging in the air for almost six seconds. Using projection …

05 April

Lion’s Roar 04/05/2019

Academy Science Fair Last week, middle school students at the Academy presented their science fair projects to friends, family, and their teachers after months of brainstorming, developing, and experimenting.   An Exploration of Science After months of hard work (and a crazy snowstorm postponing the fair), science students were thrilled to be able to present their projects and explore the hard work of their peers. …

22 March

Lion’s Roar 03/22/2019

Art for a Good Cause Prior to Spring Break, elementary students put their artistic talents to use creating an extra large Jenga game to be bid on at this year’s Benefit Auction!       Building up their School In preparation for the upcoming LCS Benefit Auction on the 6th of April, students from the Lyceum campus have been making a large Jenga game to be …

15 March

Lion’s Roar 03/15/2019

Shakespearean Life Presentations   Last week, middle school students in 7th grade explored the Elizabethan era, spanning from 1558 to 1603. Presenting in pairs, the students taught their peers about different fascinating aspects of the time period.     Exploring England …

12 March

February 2019 Elementary Art Contest 

Lyceum students in grades 3-5 are challenged to create artwork with a specific theme. They can then enter their unique artwork into the art contest conducted by Mrs. Ray for the chance to have their work displayed on the bulletin …

08 March

Lion’s Roar 03/08/2019

Elementary School Girls’ Wrestling   Last weekend, four athletes from the LCS elementary school girls’ wrestling team competed at the state championship. After months of practice, the girls showcased their skills, and ended up taking home several medals!   Emerging …

05 March

Middle School Culture Initiative

Last month, the LCS Academy counselor, administrative staff, and high school students enacted their Middle School Culture Initiative after months of strategizing, developing, and planning. Bringing this vision to life following brainstorming sessions starting in October, the initiative aims to …