Our College and Career Center is dedicated to preparing each of our high school students for post-secondary success. At Loveland Classical Schools the college planning process begins in middle school. It focuses on high school transition planning, which prepares our students to move into high school with knowledge of graduation requirements, career and college goals, and self-advocacy techniques for success. In high school, preparation continues with assessment testing, Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs), and connections to colleges, career fairs, and workforce information.

The counseling office is open school days from 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. Students and parents are welcome to make appointments by contacting Mrs. Katers. She is also available for unscheduled meetings with students during, before and after school, lunch hours and Agora periods daily.

All services are provided in strict confidence, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, consistent with ethical and professional guidelines.

Community Service

Community service hours are a requirement to graduate at LCS. At least half of a student's required hours must be completed outside of LCS. Service opportunities must be approved by our administration PRIOR to starting any volunteer hours. Please submit a Community Service Approval Form for each volunteer opportunity. Once approved, students must also turn in a completed Community Service Log to the future's counseling office.

College Visits

Representatives from colleges and universities visit LCS each fall. Visits are typically scheduled during students’ lunch periods or at the end of the day.

College Testing

LCS offers several tests at the school throughout the school year. Dates and times can be obtained by contacting the counseling office. The SAT and PSAT10 are given at the school in the spring.

Transcript Requests

Students applying to college, pre-college programs, or scholarships that need to submit a transcript must see their counselor to submit a transcript request. If you are an alumni of Loveland Classical Schools in need of a transcript, please refer to the Transcript Request.