Welcome Academy Families!

It is finally time to start thinking about the 2021-22 school year. Next year we are planning for a full in person program! (7 period day with a Study Hall)

Students currently in 6th-11th grades will be registering for classes online this year through the links on this site. Please follow the instructions carefully, filling out your hard copy forms first and using those forms to register online. 

PRIOR TO REGISTERING students will need to make sure they can sign into Portal WITH THE STUDENT’S LOG IN. If you have trouble you’ll need to contact the Parent Portal help desk listed on the site, as we do not have this information at the school level. The help desk is very busy this year so attempt to log in a few days before registration begins. (portal@thompsonschools.org)

A Registration Packet will go home prior to opening the online scheduling access. It will provide you all you need to register for classes through Student Portal. All of that information and forms are also linked below for reference.


Please keep your graduation requirements in mind, and think about graduating on the Advanced Track. It is your responsibility to ensure an on-time graduation.

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Not 5th Graders):

Remember you are required one semester of music, and one semester of art.

MS/HS students may start filling out their hard copy forms as soon as they receive them. Online access will be granted at the end of the school day on THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, and close TUESDAY, MAY 4th, 2021. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE YOUR HARD COPY FORM TO THE FRONT DESK OR YOUR SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED.


You will turn your Registration Form in Prior to scheduling, on TUESDAY, APRIL 20st, 2021. Your 5th grade team will work with you.

Please be patient in contacting the counseling team in regards to questions as it is a busy time of year. Also, note that we will be offering some classes based on teacher availability and student interest, so some classes chosen may not be available in the fall.


The Scheduling Team

Loveland Classical Academy

When are course registration forms due??

Current 5th graders: APRIL 20th, 2021
Current 6th – 12th graders: MAY 4th, 2021 Hard copy registration form to front desk AND Portal registration completed online is required. Forms not turned in by this date may result in the student not receiving desired electives. 
NEW to LCS incoming 6th – 12th graders: MAY 4th, 2021 *New to LCS students only need to turn in the Course Registration form (no online portion required).