LCSFifth Grade

With a blend of events from core subjects, music, and art, fifth graders participate in deeply enriching experiences throughout the school year. One of the most celebrated times is Renaissance Day, when we travel back to the 15th and 16th centuries and wear renaissance outfits, share knowledge about world-changing thinkers, leaders, and explorers, enjoy a feast, and put on a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, among many other activities. The use of reading, research, rehearsal, and reenactment binds skills developed over the course of elementary education (grammar) with the other elements of the Trivium: logic and rhetoric. Additionally, be sure you don’t miss Tom Sawyer Day when students dress in 19th century country garb and stage skits and performances based on Mark Twain’s classic work.

Schole sessions are held multiple times through the year and encourage students to critically think through, discuss, and debate historical subjects and primary sources in small groups with adults. The focus on primary sources and discussion after critical thought and drawing logical conclusions provides fifth graders tools for their future at LCS. Additionally, the “What State am I” event puts the students’ knowledge of state facts to the test, as they compete with parents and family in a Jeopardy type question-and-answer competition. Fine arts and music expand the learning experiences students encounter. At various points in the year, the students’ fine artworks are showcased in expositions. The fifth graders also star in winter and spring concerts, performing songs that often bridge over to core subjects and routines focused on rhythm and timing. The fifth graders and their families are sure to have a very entertaining and enlightening year!

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With over 800 students at LCS, new events and activities are always cropping up. Be sure to check out the information here for some topics of interest.


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Get Involved

LCS thrives with the help of its dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re available during the school day or during evenings or weekends, we truly have something for everyone. Many of our volunteers enjoy contributing by way of car pools, morning forum, Watch D.O.G.S. and so many other opportunities.


LCS Cares

Two of the 12 Core Virtues upon which our school is founded are Generosity and Service. Here at LCS, we take all of our Core Virtues to heart and are proud that these two virtues are so well demonstrated through the work of the LCS Cares team. Established immediately following the flooding in Loveland in September 2013, the LCS Cares team is composed of a group of staff members, who work to help those in the school community in need of assistance.


Grandparents Club

The Loveland Classical Schools Grandparents Club is run by grandparents with the purpose of staying in touch with other LCS grandparents, volunteering to help the school and engaging with your grandchildren, our students, in a more intentional way. Grandparents choose opportunities in which to participate.