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Starting in first grade, content level experts teach his/her subject: scientists teach science, mathematicians teach mathematics, historians teach history, artists teach art, and so on. Because of this, each teacher teaches his/her specialty and brings their passion and expertise into the classroom, providing a high level of content not commonly taught in the traditional elementary school model.

Typically in elementary classrooms across the country, elementary school teachers teach math, science, reading, writing, and history. However, these teachers have subject areas which they enjoy more, are more knowledgeable, and are more passionate. It is common for traditional elementary teachers to teach their best subjects well and “get through” the other subjects they are not as familiar. An LCS teacher was even relayed a story from parents and students in which their family once had a teacher who stopped teaching science altogether mid-year because she did not like science. Further, there can be instances where an elementary student does not enjoy his/her classroom teacher. In the typical model, that student would be in that one teacher’s class throughout the day for the entire school year. With departmentalization, teachers rotate through the classroom providing fresh restarts throughout the day, allowing both the student and teacher to focus on the content.

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Are you receiving the Parent Pride in your inbox? This is part of how we as a school seek to communicate with our parent community, providing excerpts from the board and the principal. The Pride also includes procedures and information concerning the school week, so check your inbox for the latest edition!

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Get Involved

LCS thrives with the help of its dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re available during the school day or during evenings or weekends, we truly have something for everyone. Many of our volunteers enjoy contributing by way of car pools, morning forum, Watch D.O.G.S. and so many other opportunities.


LCS Cares

Two of the 12 Core Virtues upon which our school is founded are Generosity and Service. Here at LCS, we take all of our Core Virtues to heart and are proud that these two virtues are so well demonstrated through the work of the LCS Cares team. Established immediately following the flooding in Loveland in September 2013, the LCS Cares team is composed of a group of staff members, who work to help those in the school community in need of assistance.


Grandparents Club

The Loveland Classical Schools Grandparents Club is run by grandparents with the purpose of staying in touch with other LCS grandparents, volunteering to help the school and engaging with your grandchildren, our students, in a more intentional way. Grandparents choose opportunities in which to participate.