At the end of each school year, LCS awards a select group of students, who have exemplified what it means to be an LCS student. Two awards are given: Fallamur ut Floreamus and the Carpe Diem. The students who receive these awards are given a golden t-shirt to signify their achievements. One student from each class receives the Fallamur ut floreamus award, and a second student from each class receives the Carpe diem award.

Fallamur ut Floreamus Shirt

Translated from Latin, the Let Us Falter That We May Flourish award winners are students who have struggled at the beginning of the year but have made substantial growth over the course of the school year. These students have likely faced major obstacles but have succeeded and matured through constant effort and determination.

Carpe Diem Shirt

The students nominated for this award continually “seize the day” and are consistently strong students, who provide support and encouragement for their peers. The students given this award best represent what it means to be an LCS lion, through their display of the core virtues that we hold in such high regard and their appropriate behavior regardless of whether someone is watching.

*LCS purposely does not print any golden t-shirts other than for these two awards. Student who have the honor to wear one of these shirts have earned their right to stand out among his/her peers. These t-shirts cannot be purchased and are only awarded to the students who are granted these awards.