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week 30. 6th grade Latin. Mr. Smith

6th Grade Latin

Mr. Smith  

Week 30: April 15-19




Monday 4/15               Reset after CMAS testing!

Review prepositions for quiz tomorrow

Adventures with a Lion and drawing prepositions

Read chapter 6 LLPSI


Homework:   study for quiz 6.5 (ad, circum, prope, inter, procul ab)



Tuesday 4/16                          QUIZ 6.5

New vocab 6.6

Read Ch. 6

Carmen: Non longa via est Romam



Homework:  study for vocab quiz 6.6 Thursday



Wednesday 4/17         Review new vocab

Continue chapter 6 reading




                        Homework: study for quiz 6.6 tomorrow




Thursday 4/18            Quiz 6.6

                                    New vocab 6.7            (the last 5 words)

Noun grammar consolidation: 1st and 2nd declension

Noun endings reciting



Homework:  study 1st noun endings for quiz tomorrow



Friday 4/19                 Quiz: 1st declension endings

                                    Micrologue from BBCV                                 








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