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Week 18 PreAlgebra – Gerber

Monday – In preparation for our midterm on Wednesday, we will be checking page 3 of our study guide which was homework on Thursday.  We will also be practicing combining like terms and simplifying algebraic expressions p. 144 #4.  HW:  page 4 of study guide

Tuesday – Check page 4 of study guide.  Practice problems on handout.  HW:  finish handout on simplifying algebraic expressions

Wednesday – Semester 1 midterm exam.  Order of operations handout.  HW: None

Thursday – Finish midterm if necessary.  Distribution property with algebraic expressions.  p. 144-145.  Do p. 146 #2-4 col. 1  HW: #3-4 col. 2

Friday – Check homework.  Midterm exam corrections.  HW: None

Join us for our annual Classical Symposium Saturday, January 26 from 9:00-1:00 p.m.
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