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week 30. Latin 1. Mr. Smith

Latin I

Mr. Smith  

Week 30: April 15-19




Monday 4/15               Regroup and plan for the end of the year:

Goals: Chapters 7 & 8; finish Brando Brown Canem Vult; Final project

Reset for new vocab chapter 7.4

Cui dat osculum

Read chapter 7


Homework:   study for quiz 7.4 tomorrow





Tuesday 4/16                          QUIZ: 7.4

New Vocabulary 7.5

Consolidation of Noun Grammar: 1st and 2nd declension endings



Homework:  Study for 1st declension endings quiz tomorrow



Wednesday 4/17         QUIZ:  Noun declension

Review vocab 7.5 for quiz tomorrow: construct a story

Read Brando




                        Homework: Study vocab 7.5 for quiz tomorrow




Thursday 4/18            QUIZ: 7.5 Vocab

Review 2nd declension endings for quiz tomorrow




Homework:  study 2nd endings and case uses for quiz tomorrow





Friday 4/19                 QUIZ:  Case uses and 2nd endings






Tonight's informational meeting has been cancelled.
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