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Ms. Staudenmaier Week 18 Jan. 14-Jan. 18

Class name: 3D Art

Topic: Calder Mobiles

Big Idea: how to create and balance a multitiered mobile sculpture

Objectives: Students learn how to find the balance point of a sculpture, asymmetrical balance

Monday-Friday-finish Calder mobile project

Class: 9th Grade Biology

Topic: 10 Cell Growth and Division

Big Idea: How does a cell produce a new cell?

Objectives: Cell growth, division, reproduction; process of cell division; regulating the cell cycle; cell differentiation 

Monday -Chapter 9 Exam

Tuesday – 10.1/crossword and review sheets out

Wednesday -10.2

Thursday -10.3/quiz

Friday-Lab activity

Class: Anatomy

Topic: physiology of the nervous system/eye/ear

Big Idea: Understanding how structure dictates function of the nervous system and special senses. How do these systems maintain homeostasis?

Objectives: Understanding gross structure 

Monday – Exam part 1 nervous system

Tuesday – lecture on nervous system physiology part 2

Wednesday – lecture on nervous system physiology part 2

Thursday – lecture on nervous system physiology part 2/quiz

Friday – lecture on nervous system physiology part 2

Join us for our annual Classical Symposium Saturday, January 26 from 9:00-1:00 p.m.
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