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Spanish High School All Levels 1/14/19

Dear all,

This is what is happening in class:

We are preparing for the end of the semester. No changes.

Subject: Grammar Review/Daily Conversation/ Reading and Writing: Don Quijote, Pobre Ana, Novel/Dialogues



Level I:

1.Keep practicing the verbs in present tense: Packet.

2.Stem Changing verbs in present tense.

3.Oral quiz (short dialogue)

  1. Assign dialogue “De compras en el Mercado de Lagunilla”.
  2. Reading: Mexico.
  3. Reading comprehension quiz (Mexico-open book).


Level II:

  1. Keep reading “Pobre Ana”.
  2. Oral quiz about the reading.
  3. Grammar games.

Level III and IV:

1.Engage in daily conversations about the weekend and daily life (past, present and future).

2. Reading “Don Quijote de La Mancha” or  the novel of their choice.

3. Assign new dialogue.

4. Oral quiz every week (dialogues).

Please let me know if you have any questions,



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