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Week 30 – Mr. Kem – all Latin classes

In week 30, we will continue to review old information and begin working on chapter 7.


New retake policy!  I now have alternative versions of all old quizzes and tests (starting at the beginning of the 2nd semester).  Any student can retake any old quiz or test during study hall (unlimited attempts; the highest grade will count).


Students are always welcome to come to my study hall any day of the week with questions or for extra help.  Just ask for a pass in advance!


Quizzes this week:

Wednesday 4/17:  chapter 7 vocabulary pars prima (words #1-5)

Friday 4/19:  chapter 7 vocabulary pars secunda (words #6-10)


Quizzes next week:

Wednesday 4/24:  chapter 7 vocabulary pars tertia (words #11-15)

Friday 4/26:  chapter 7 vocabulary pars quarta (words #16-20)




Please let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to email me any time at:

Tonight's informational meeting has been cancelled.
Sign up for the May meeting.