Ms. Staudenmaier Lesson plans week 19 Jan. 20 – Jan. 24

Class name: Earth Science
Topic: Mountain Building
Big Idea: How are mountains built?
Objectives: Understand forces in the Earth’s crust, identify the various types of folds, faults and mountains that result from various plate movements.
Monday – no school
Tuesday – Ch11.1/worksheet/vocabulary
Wednesday – 11.2/worksheet
Thursday – 11.3/worksheet
Friday – Review day

Class: 7th Grade Science
Topic: DNA/Genetics/inheritance
Big Idea: DNA codes for proteins, contains genes and is responsible for inheritance.
Objectives: To understand how traits are inherited, principles of genetics and historical individuals contributions to our understanding
Monday – no school
Tuesday – genes/traits/punnet square
Wednesday – genes/traits/punnet square
Thursday – quiz/genes/traits/punnet square
Friday – genes/traits/punnet square

Class name: Ceramics I/Ceramics II
Topic: intro for new students/making a set
Big Idea: How to form clay, possibilities with clay, functional vs decorative, art vs craft, safety
Objectives: Critically analyze work to determine art vs craft, intention of the artist, learn the different forming methods in ceramics, learn how to work with and characteristics of clay, understand and practice studio safety
Tuesday – Friday – intro for new students, room orientation, pass out materials/presentation of new project to Ceramics II

Class: AP Biology
Topic: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
Big Idea: Heritable information provides for continuity of life.
Objectives: Understand offspring acquire genes from parents by inheritance, fertilization and meiosis alternate in sexual life cycles, meiosis reduces the number of chromosomes from diploid to haploid and genetic variation produced in sexual life cycles contributes to evolution.
Monday – no school
Wednesday – Chapter 10 discussion
Thursday – Ch 10 discussion/FRQ
Friday – Ch 10 Exam