Ms. Staudenmaier week 24 Feb. 24 – Feb. 28

Class name: Earth Science
Topic: The Dynamic Ocean
Big Idea: How does ocean movement affect land?
Objectives: Understand ocean circulation, waves and tides, shoreline processes and features.
Monday – 15.3
Tuesday – Review
Wednesday – Ch 15 Exam
Thursday – 16.1/worksheet/crossword
Friday – 16.2/worksheet

Class: 7th Grade Science
Topic: DNA/Genetics/inheritance/meiosis/mitosis
Big Idea: DNA codes for proteins, contains genes and is responsible for inheritance.
Objectives: To understand how traits are inherited, principles of genetics and historical individuals contributions to our understanding
Monday – Mitosis/meiosis/genes/traits/punnet square
Tuesday – Mitosis/meiosis/genes/traits/punnet square
Wednesday – Mitosis/meiosis/genes/traits/punnet square
Thursday – quiz/Mitosis/meiosis/genes/traits/punnet square
Friday – Mitosis/meiosis/genes/traits/punnet square

Class name: Ceramics I/Ceramics II
Topic: coffee cup/making a lidded vessel
Big Idea: How to form clay, possibilities with clay, functional vs decorative, art vs craft, safety
Objectives: Critically analyze work to determine art vs craft, intention of the artist, learn the different forming methods in ceramics, learn how to work with and characteristics of clay, understand and practice studio safety
Monday – Friday – Ceramics 1 – coffee cup/pulling a handle; Ceramics II – making a lidded vessel

Class: AP Biology
Topic: Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein
Big Idea: Heritable information provides for continuity of life
Objectives: Understand how genes specify proteins via transcription and translation, how RNA is modified after transcription and how mutations of one or a few nucleotides can affect protein structure and function.
Monday – lab
Tuesday – AP Exam practice
Wednesday – Ch 14 discussion
Thursday – Ch 14 discussion
Friday – Ch 14 exam