School Physicals

School health services are meant to augment, not replace annual health care supervision by your child's primary health care provider. Therefore, the district requests that students entering kindergarten, fourth, seventh, and tenth grades have a physical examination. The examination should be performed by the student's family physician and at no cost to the school district. A special form is available from your school, the Administration Building, at most local doctors' offices, or you can get the school physical form below.

School Physical Form

Updated Vaccination Requirements and Exemption Information

Colorado’s Immunization Law (C.R.S. 25-4-902) requires schools and child care providers to review and collect up-to-date immunization records for all children and adolescents. Immunization records should be provided to the school at the time of school entry, and parents have 14 days to bring their child into compliance. To be compliant, a student must be up-to-date with their immunizations, be in the process with a plan to become up-to-date or have an exemption on file at the school. For a list of all immunizations required for school by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment click here and please refer to our parent letter.

Health Care Plans and Medications

If you identify your student as having a health condition, which could impact their school day, you need to contact the health office to develop a health care plan specific to your student’s specific needs. Please inform the health office if your child has special health concerns, medications, or dietary needs so a school health care plan can be developed for your child.

All medications at school, prescription and over the counter, need to be kept in the Health Office along with the completed paperwork signed by the parent and health care provider. Medication need to be in their original bottles with the original label from the pharmacy. If you choose for your student to self-carry his or her medication it is required that they carry only one dose (multi-dose inhalers are permissible), the medicine is in the original bottle and the paperwork with both the parent and doctor signature is in the health office.

The following health forms are to be used only as needed or requested.