Two of the 12 Core Virtues upon which our school is founded are Generosity and Service. Here at LCS, we take all of our Core Virtues to heart and are proud that these two virtues are so well demonstrated through the work of the LCS Cares team. Established immediately following the flooding in Loveland in September 2013, the LCS Cares team is composed of a group of staff members, who work to help those in the school community in need of assistance. However, it is only through the kindness and compassion of our donors that we are able to do this work. The assistance of the LCS Cares team may be needed after a personal crisis, such as the injury or loss of a loved one, home, or other such occurrence; or it could be a larger community devastation, as we saw with the flooding.

The staff of this team meet to discuss the needs brought to their attention and find the best way of helping. Sometimes this means a monetary donation or the offer of volunteered services, such as making meals. Each situation is carefully considered and a determination is made based upon current resources and the need presented. If needed, fundraising efforts may be made.

The community members being assisted, and to what degree, are kept confidential unless they desire information to be shared.

Megan Hoover

A student dear to us all, Megan Hoover, passed away May 6th. Megan was a kind, tough, and well-loved member of our LCS family, and she will be deeply missed. Megan attended LCS since she was in kindergarten, and she touched all those who knew her with her special light.

LCS Cares is asking for you to please consider helping the Hoover family during this devastating time. If you are able to donate money towards grocery gift cards, you may bring in cash or checks made out to LCS Cares to either Mrs. Grove (room 108) or Mrs. Archer (room 215) or make an online donation via PayPal.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

For more information, please contact The LCS Cares Team.
Mrs. Grove, Mrs. Archer, and Mrs. Thistle