The highly coveted LCS letter jacket trumpets scholastic achievements in athletics, academics, and the arts. Not only is it a great way to showcase your passion, skill, and hard work for now and years to come, but it also honors the spirit of the school and your impressive accomplishments.

The LCS letter jacket is expertly crafted with superior quality and traditional styling and is sewn using wool, leather, and chenille. The jacket includes your embroidered first name at 2″ in height, your graduating year at 3″ in height, and the mascot and “Loveland Classical” lettering on the back of the jacket.

Pricing for women’s jackets starts at $175 and $205 for men’s. The school is currently changing vendors. For more information and to place your order, contact Christine DeRock of RockSoft Chenille & Embroidery, Inc. at (970) 412-0994 or via email at

Please refer to the Lettering Policy in the Student Handbook for details regarding requirements to earn a school letter.