Here at Loveland Classical Schools, we are never complacent. We are always looking to make improvements and have done so with a key component of the elementary program. Our elementary faculty have taken the model of reading groups, vital for practice of the literacy acquired in phonics instruction, and expanded it to a team approach. At our school, we do not believe that literacy instruction is something given only by English teachers. Literacy impacts every content area. Therefore the onus of responsibility for our students’ literacy is shared upon the shoulders of all elementary teachers and coordinators in a collaborative effort.

Our revision of reading groups is called "Morning Forum." Our elementary students spend the first part of their school day engaged, not only in reading fiction, but also scientific literature, pieces from history, and reciting math facts. Scheduling Morning Forum for all K-5 students, allows our parents and community members to more easily join us. Parents are able to drop off their students, park, and come right in to help. The success of Morning Forum heavily relies upon parental support and volunteerism, and we encourage all parents to help out when they can. Together with parents, the LCS elementary faculty aim to provide a literacy and math education second to none.

"But that time is not lost which is employed in providing tools for future operation: more especially as in this case the books put into the hands of the youth for this purpose may be such as will at the same time impress their minds with useful facts and good principles. If this period be suffered to pass in idleness, the mind becomes lethargic and impotent, as would the body it inhabits if unexercised during the same time."

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia