A Renaissance Day Feast in the Fifth Grade

Libro de Arte Coquinaria

Long experience has helped LCS fifth graders hone their Renaissance Day repertoire. The costumes have grown more elaborate and the presentations more polished.

And yet, for all the growth, one important thing has remained constant as they’ve advanced through the years: a thematic lunchtime feast prepared and served by engaged parents and volunteers.

The food order was filled through an online sign-up well in advance of the lunch hour. This year, banquet tables are packed by nine crockpots, a stack of pies, cups of juice, and plates full of cheese and fruit. Everything is served to eager students by parents (and younger siblings) wearing sanitary gloves and smiles.

The sharing of meals is a building block of society, from the core family unit to larger components of grade school and so on. So much history revolves around libro de arte coquinaria (the art of cooking) that it’s no wonder this feast is a staple of history days.