As Smart as a Fifth Grader

Scholé inquiry and conversation in fifth grade

Students in Mrs. Kathy Miller’s fifth grade were joined by parents for a highly anticipated feature of a well-rounded classical education: scholé.

The Greek word for leisure, scholé is the root for modern English words ‘school’ and ‘scholar.’ It comes down from a time when an education was only something available to those fortunate enough to have free time.

In small groups, LCS students posed free-form questions from their Curiosita books.

Questions like “Why do men historically have more power than women?” or “Why is Pikachu named that?” or “How do balls bounce?” The goal isn’t necessarily to arrive at definitive answers but to spark lively conversation and inquiry. It’s restful learning.

For LCS students, scholé enriches the structured Core Knowledge sequence. It’s also a place to develop the creative inquiry and conversation skills that will be essential assets as they advance to higher grades.