Classical education works, as proved by Loveland school

Testimonial written by Julian Doman in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of the Reporter-Herald  (01/30/2019):

I attended the Loveland Classical Schools Symposium last Saturday and was so impressed. I am happy to see such an amazing school thrive. I only wish more of the community could have been there to experience such a remarkable morning.

True to its name, Loveland Classical Schools looks to the classics in its teaching, from music to history and everything in between. We were treated to a transforming cello concert and instruction from an accomplished CSU professor to start the morning. The class offerings were numerous and varied, all promising enlightening information and thoughtful discussion. The refreshing combination of expertise, true joy in their sharing, along with humility, was very much demonstrated in the presenting teachers.

But the most remarkable impact made upon me were the caliber and quality of the LCS students attending. We entered the building in the morning to a beautiful student string ensemble playing very impressively. But what impressed me even more throughout the day was each student’s ability to participate so fully and eloquently in each discussion session. These kids could listen to complex information, synthesize the knowledge and learning gleaned on the spot and add very thoughtful, articulate and respectful insights to the elevated conversation — and they weren’t afraid to do it. To me these are the true “fruits” of an excellent education.

LCS and other classical schools are producing true leaders, humble statesmen and stateswomen, not to mention thoughtful husbands and wives, and caring mothers and fathers, helping to create strong and wise families and communities. If anyone had walked into that school on Saturday morning, not knowing anything about LCS, they would have left thinking, “I am not sure what they are doing at this school, but it is working.” Classical education, well delivered, is working — those kids are living testaments.

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