Flag on the Play(ground)

The flag duties of the Student Senate

American entrepreneur Tim Fargo has said that, “Leadership is service, not position.” For members of the Student Senate, that service of leadership includes flag duty.

Three teams–one to raise the flag in the morning, another to lower it at the end of the day, and one for half-mast status and inclement weather–share this essential responsibility at the LCS Lycuem.

And although they are under the supervision of Mrs. Keeley Swank, much of the essential process and purpose is passed from older students to younger. They learn how to fold the flag, how to behave as it is being raised and lowered, and what the flag represents by being flown.

On this crisp Wednesday afternoon, urgent reminders to prevent the flag from touching the ground are heard as it’s lowered. A crowd of students watches and learns. And among what they learn is that a position on Student Senate requires services to a higher ideal.