Home Room

LCS teachers’ remote workstations

“Unprecedented.” “Exceptional.” “Extraordinary.” These aren’t just words used to describe the events unfolding around us; they are also words that describe the proactive response from LCS teachers and staff over the past two weeks.

In that short time, the entire curricular canon at LCS has been retooled for remote learning. It’s like converting a train into a cargo ship; both deliver cargo, but in very different ways.

On Monday, parents and students will begin to see the results of these efforts. What they didn’t see were the countless webinar meetings, emails, and phone calls that made it all possible. They didn’t see brainstorming sessions and exploring of new technologies. They didn’t see hours of prep-work at workstations like those pictured above.

And that’s okay because as is always the case at LCS–it’s results that matter.