Keep Calm and Put Your Lab Coat On

High school students at the Academy had an opportunity to perform a dissection on a dog this week, teaching them about anatomy and pathology.

A Rare Opportunity

Dr. Ackerman a local veterinarian, had a dog that needed to be put down due to lymphoma and donated the dog’s liver with gallbladder, heart, lungs, kidney, spleen, and pancreas to LCS to be used for educational purposes. Science teacher, Rebecca Staudenmaier, then did a demonstration with ninth grade students as a part of their unit on anatomy and physiology. Later, students in Human Anatomy and Physiology class dissected and examined the specimens in detail. The fresh organs were a great opportunity for students to see lifelike organs as opposed to the preserved specimens usually used. They were also able to see some pathology on the tissues due to the lymphoma.