LCS Lion’s Roar: Educational Programming


Quid Gusto? Quid Gusto? (The one where they identify mystery foods)

Quid est MAXIMUS cibus? Quid est MAXIMUS cibus? (The one where they pick the best food)

One Hot Chip Challenge: Latin Edition One Hot Chip Challenge: Latin Edition (The one with Carolina Reapers)

Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader: Latin Edition Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader: Latin Edition (The one where they run)

Latin Sculptionary: Animalia Edition Latin Sculptionary: Animalia Edition (The one with Play-Doh)


Educational Programming

This past week, every LCS student got to sample the remote-learning experience that LCS teachers have put so much effort into over the first half of the year. The careful planning and hard work of the entire staff ensured that for our students, education could continue safely after the long winter break without increasing the risk of the school being shut down.

While most remote learning this year happened in real time, this week, students engaged in asynchronous learning, similar to last spring. This format uniquely lends itself to all manner of creative lessons.

For example, first and third grade students at the Lyceum were treated to Ms. Kylie Koger’s wonderful daily Latin videos featuring Mr. Luke Jones and Mr. Andy Perez. The lessons were, by all reports, a huge hit. All five are linked above; if you have the time, they are worth watching.

One of the silver linings of remote learning is that parents get a peak behind-the-scenes to see the creativity and talent of the teachers that make LCS so great.