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LCS Student Heather Pollock Interviews Charley Barnes On Disabled Veterans

Heather Pollock Interview Charley Barnes on Disabled Veterans
By Charley Barnes, K99
I had the pleasure today of being interviewed by one of the youngest Patriots I have ever met. Heather Pollock from Loveland is one of my new heroes and after seeing this video, she’ll be one of yours as well.

Heather Pollock is an 11 year old who attends Loveland Classical School, Well, she says she’s 11 but she has the heart, passion and love for our Veterans of an adult.

Heather asked me a couple weeks ago if I could come in to her classroom and discuss my views on Disabled Veterans for a class project she was working on, but due to time constraints with my schedule, I just couldn’t make it work. So, I invited her to come here to the K99 studios for a nice sit down chat and we’d record it.

I have to admit, it was not what I expected. This young lady has got it together and this wasn’t just a class project for her, she meant it from the heart and has a family full of Veterans so she was genuinely intrigued at how to help our Disabled Veterans.

To say I was flattered and honored that she would ask for my opinion on this topic, and to help with her class project, is an understatement. I have never been intimidated by an 11-year-old, but today I had met my match. What follows is the video of her 5 questions to me followed by a quick on-air interview with Heather; turnaround is fair play!

Thank you Heather for including me in your project and if you have a very bright future; thanks for making me a part of it.