Lion’s Roar 01/18/19

Elementary Newspaper Club


The elementary newspaper club had a special guest speaker at their meeting this past Tuesday. Dana Plewka, the Educational Services and Youth Content Manager for the Denver Post, spoke to students about the importance of journalism in today’s world.


Creating a Story

The club, whose members range from grades 2-5, meets weekly to discuss and write about fun things happening at the Lyceum campus. The club has a monthly publication called ‘The Roaring Report’ where students write poetry, short stories, school news, and conduct interviews highlighting the virtue of the month. During her presentation, Plewka discussed the importance of including the 5 W’s and H (who, what when, where, why, and how) into the students writing pieces by saying “When writing a story, think about the main information you would want to know about a big event. Start from the key details and build your story around them.” Hosting guests like Plewka gives students a chance to hone their skills and explore deeper into the world of journalism.