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Lion’s Roar 03/08/2019

Elementary School Girls’ Wrestling


Last weekend, four athletes from the LCS elementary school girls’ wrestling team competed at the state championship. After months of practice, the girls showcased their skills, and ended up taking home several medals!


Emerging Triumphant

LCS first grader, Ariel, third grader, Alice, and fourth graders, Alexis and Tatum, competed at the state wrestling championship in Denver last weekend.  The meet hosted the toughest wrestlers from all over Northern Colorado, and the LCS team showed just how strong the Lion spirit can be! All of the girls competed extremely well and three even came away with third place trophies in their respective weight classes! All LCS elementary and middle school wrestlers, boys and girls, practice tirelessly every week in order to master their craft under the guidance of Coach Godoy, an LCS volunteer and Watch D.O.G.S. member. We can’t wait to see what this team of strong ladies accomplishes next!