Lion’s Roar 03/15/2019

Shakespearean Life Presentations


Last week, middle school students in 7th grade explored the Elizabethan era, spanning from 1558 to 1603. Presenting in pairs, the students taught their peers about different fascinating aspects of the time period.



Exploring England


The 7th grade students gave dynamic presentations during Literature on Life in Elizabethan England in order to prepare for reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Students chose from an array of interesting and unusual topics, such as the London sewer system, dental care, crime and punishment, and astrology, to name a few. Their presentations were animated, lively, and some appropriately shocking! Students are now diving into the text with a wide breadth of contextual knowledge to help them understand Shakespearean literature on a deeper level. This event built great excitement and anticipation for one of the greatest love stories of all time. And to that we say…Huzzah!!