Lion’s Roar: Guardians of the Facility

Guardians of the Facility

Safety and security is a high priority at Loveland Classical Schools, with the more obvious measures – controlled access, cameras, a school resource officer – getting most of the attention. This year, however, there is an invisible front in the safety war, both because it happens after-hours and because it occurs on a microscopic level.The dedicated facility staff at LCS, overseen by Mrs. Dawn Vozar has been instrumental in the effort to prevent in-school virus transmission so that we could keep the doors open for in-person education. Their efforts began long before the first students entered the building in the fall, implementing various safety measures from plexiglass shields to HVAC settings designed to circulate fresh air more effectively. It continues daily; every night after students and teachers leave, each campus is cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to prepare it for the next day.

Facility and custodial staff, like Kelly Coseo and Chris Wilson, do much more than wage an invisible antiviral war. At the Lyceum, they manage traffic as crossing guards on 14th Street, a job which requires special training. They keep operations running smoothly during the day, supporting the teaching staff to keep the focus in the classroom on education.

LCS facility staff members wear many different hats, but considering the role they fill, you might expect them to also wear capes like the heroes they are.