Lion’s Roar: Sekhet-Aaru


In Ancient Egypt, people believed that worthy souls would be reborn until eventually they would arrive at Sekhet-Aaru – the Field of Reeds – representing the fulfillment of their life’s mission. To ease this transition, some Egyptians were mummified and buried with various items that they would carry with them to help in their next life.

These concepts are introduced in the Core Knowledge sequence during first grade. The unit on Ancient Egypt integrates subjects like geography, art, history and science and culminates in the highly anticipated Mummy Day with Mrs. Heather Alverson when first graders get to mummify a stuffed animal. They even include small amulets with their stuffies to aid them in the afterlife.

For Egyptians, hard work and virtuous living contributed to their success in the next life. The things they accumulated in one life could come with them to the next. In a way, this is a concept LCS students are implicitly familiar with.

Because the Core Knowledge sequence builds knowledge on itself, hard work and virtuous living improves their success at the next grade level. Activities like Mummy Day create amulets of knowledge that stay with them – and help them – as they advance from grade to grade until they reach the fulfillment of the LCS mission – their academic Sekhet-Aaru.

 *Lions Roar will return on December 4. Happy Thanksgiving!