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Loveland Classical Plans for New School

LCS Architectural Plans

Larger Facility will be Located at 29th, Wilson

By Pamela Johnson Reporter-Herald Staff Writer

03/23/2016 03:40:06 PM MDT

Loveland Classical Schools plans to build a new kindergarten through 12th grade facility at 29th Street and Wilson Avenue to open in the fall of 2017.

Principal Ian Stout confirmed the school’s plan to build a 75,000 square-foot building to replace its two current rental facilities — 43,000 square feet at 3835 SW 14th St. and 14,000 square feet behind Faith Evangelical Church, 2707 Wilson Ave.

The property is under contract, an architect has begun to design a new school that will reunite all grades on the same campus, and school officials announced they plan to finance the facility by issuing bonds.

However, Stout would not release any figures on the cost of the property until the contract closes or on the cost of construction or potential bond amount until the design process is further along.

“It’s too early to give a firm number,” said Stout.

While the design is still fluid, the plan is to have kindergarten through fifth grade on one side of the facility and sixth through 12th grade on the other side with a common area in between, Stout explained at a recent school meeting.

The two-story school will have a gymnasium and separate common area, a computer lab, a science lab, a music room and libraries within each classroom, according to the initial design information.

Currently, there are 740 students enrolled in Loveland Classical Schools, and the new facility will allow for growth up to 950 students.

Financing for the entire project will be through bonds issued for construction.

None of the money is from the additional $259,585 allocated to the charter school by the school board in this year’s budget, Stout noted. That money paid to improve floors and the computer lab, for additional staff and to allow the school to offer health insurance to its employees.

Parents who asked many questions about parking, size and the numbers of classrooms were excited about the new facility that allows for growth, which is anticipated throughout the Thompson School District.

“This helps support the district tin their growth plans,” noted Stout, referring to current discussions by the school board and community on whether to seek a ballot issue to pay for schools, both new construction and maintenance and remodel of existing facilities.

“They’re looking at north and east, and we’re in the west. We’re able to help retain students within our district and help by providing options.”

Loveland Classical Schools will remain in its two facilities through the end of next school year and move to the new school in fall 2017.