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Recognizing Hard Work

Hard Work

Responsibility   Honesty   Generosity   Perseverance   Service   Loyalty   Forgiveness

Integrity   Courage   Humility   Prudence   Temperance

At Loveland Classical Schools’ High School, students are expected to uphold the 12 core virtues that they are taught. On a daily basis, teachers and administration recognize students who are standing above the crowd demonstrating the virtues and setting an example for those around them. The recognition of these virtues is tracked over time and each student can see where his/her House stands against the others.

Though everyone would want only the good characteristics to be tracked, there are actions that count against the virtuous character. Tardies and dress code violations are also included in the calculation for the most virtuous House. By including them into the calculation students strive to be the best not only in virtue but also in their presentation and effort in school.

So how do we recognize great character?

The friendly competition continues between Houses to see who will stay ahead and exhibit great character as each student works towards the ultimate recognition event at the end of the school year.