Sound Bytes

Eighth Period Study Hall Computer Lab

Tap, tap, tap is the most prevalent sound in the LCS Academy computer lab, filled to capacity with students writing papers, researching educational topics or working in various 3D drafting tools.

In the corner, you can hear the Yearbook staff, click, click, click, as they crash their impending deadline. Yearbook students don’t just have a special hall pass for yearbook-related work, they are also the only students authorized to talk in the computer lab. That’s a big deal.

Whirr, zzz, whirr, whiirr can often be heard in the background as a computer-designed object is printed into reality on a 3D printer, just part of the expanding innovation and technology track which now includes robotics, electronics, programming and boasts a laser cutter, vacuum molds, and more.

Even with the occasional illicit whispers and giggles, it sounds like a productive study hall.