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Students Stay up all Night to Read Ancient Text

LCS Homerathon
By Nick McGurk of 9News
Posted: 04/14/2013

LOVELAND - At Loveland Classical School on the first night of spring break, more than a dozen students chose to pull an all-nighter to read Homer's "The Iliad" cover to cover.

"When I had the crazy idea, I thought, 'I don't know if they'll do it,'" teacher Aaron Dukette said, who had heard of the idea from classics departments at a few universities around the country.

"Alexander the Great famously carried a copy of the Iliad in a little casket and kept it under his pillow at night with a dagger," added Dukette.

Dukette says he thought it was important for students to be able to read a classic text like this one. The students at Loveland Classical volunteered to spend the night. They fought off sleep, and the next morning, they finished.

"These poems are over two-millennia old, and here we are, we're still reading them," Dukette said.

"A book brought us together," he added.

This is the second year that the freshmen class at Loveland Classical School has read a Homer text during an all-nighter.

Last year, they read "The Odyssey," and they believe they're the only high school in the country do to this.

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