Their Fair Share

Middle School Science Fair

Can science create magic? An absurd question, and yet…

Trifold posters filled the LCS Academy Dining Commons on Wednesday as sixth, seventh and eighth graders shared their science fair projects with an audience of peers, parents, and siblings. Each student stated their hypothesis, explained their experimental process–with dependent and independent variables, controls and data–and revealed findings.

An invaluable component of STEM in the core knowledge curriculum, the middle school science fair taps students’ natural curiosity about the world and reinforces the scientific method of inquiry.

To one side, Mr. Willis and Mr. Thai performed a science showcase for a rapt audience while Ms. Staudenmaier orchestrated the festivities through the PA system.

When the top three projects in each grade were announced, the cheers rivaled those of an LCS athletic event.

And yes, the atmosphere was truly…magical.