Virtual LCS T-Shirt Day

Monday was LCS t-shirt day.

True, it wasn’t quite like any previous such day in the history of the school. LCS students are learning from home, so no one wore their t-shirts “to school,” participating virtually instead. And since there’s no dress code for at-home learning, there was no need for special dispensation to wear a logo t-shirt.

Yet, although most households are self-isolated in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, a huge number of families jointly participated in LCS t-shirt day on social media as a show of solidarity and school pride. Students joined parents, teachers, grandparents and siblings, posting pictures to show off their LCS apparel.

“Alone Together” has become a motto of the stay-at-home order, and LCS came “together” in impressive fashion. Keep it up! Keep posting. Keep sharing. Keep encouraging.