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After experiencing a heavy dose of logic, our ninth and tenth grade students focus primarily on grammar and rhetoric. Students are guided by their teachers in such a fashion as to learn how to derive and defend their own opinions through our curriculum, much of it based off primary sources within the Western Tradition. Students are taught how to write and speak in a rhetorical or persuasive fashion, through the content they are learning in the classroom. Once students reach the high school level, they are engaged with mostly primary sources, either directly or indirectly. Teachers present lectures based directly off primary sources or give their students the sources themselves to go through.

For example students are given access to the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Plato, Aquinas, Thucydides, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton just to name a few. Another way to put it is that our students begin to truly embark on what is known as being a part of the Great Conversation. Students delve into the heart of the Western Tradition by going through the writings or thoughts, which have withstood the test of time, just as many of our predecessors have done, thereby engaging in the Great Conversation, expressing their own thoughts about the ideas, people, or events in the Western Tradition, which have shaped entire civilizations, in a rhetorical fashion.

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LCS provides resources to prepare students for post secondary readiness, beginning in sixth grade.

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LCS thrives with the help of its dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re available during the school day or during evenings or weekends, we truly have something for everyone. Many of our volunteers enjoy contributing by way of car pools, morning forum, Watch D.O.G.S. and so many other opportunities.


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Two of the 12 Core Virtues upon which our school is founded are Generosity and Service. Here at LCS, we take all of our Core Virtues to heart and are proud that these two virtues are so well demonstrated through the work of the LCS Cares team. Established immediately following the flooding in Loveland in September 2013, the LCS Cares team is composed of a group of staff members, who work to help those in the school community in need of assistance.


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The Loveland Classical Schools Grandparents Club is run by grandparents with the purpose of staying in touch with other LCS grandparents, volunteering to help the school and engaging with your grandchildren, our students, in a more intentional way. Grandparents choose opportunities in which to participate.